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The creators of China Glaze® have developed a unique gel system available in 36 stunning shades. Introducing Gelaze® Gel-n-Base in One, an innovative 100% gel polish that includes base coat. Fewer steps for longer wear. Express yourself with your favorite hues to match your every style and mood. Feel confident knowing your Gelaze gel manicure remains chip-free with long-lasting shine. Check out our [Try it!|] section for fabulous ways to use China Glaze lacquer to create designs over colour-matched Gelaze.

We’ve got gel-fabulous news! From the creators of China Glaze® comes Gelaze®, a revolutionary new gel polish system that has fewer steps than the traditional gel manicure, faster cure times and superior coverage. With Gelaze®, 36 of your favorite China Glaze® shades are now available in long lasting gel polish.

Gelaze® Gel-n-Base in One, is an innovative 2-in-1, 100% gel polish, with the base coat built right into the polish. Gelaze® delivers a longer lasting manicure in fewer steps than traditional gel with reduced cure times under your choice of UV or LED lamp. Save steps, save time and save money.

Create unique designs with Gelaze® signature looks that include The Ombre, The Moon and The Fade, using China Glaze® lacquer over a colour-matched Gelaze® design to suit your every style and mood. You will feel confident knowing your Gelaze® high-shine gel manicure will remain steadfast underneath. Ideal for both hands and toes, Gelaze® is your answer for chip-free manicures and pedicures that last for weeks. Try trendy for a night and come back to traditional for the day. With China Glaze® and Gelaze®, you truly can have it all.

Gelaze® will be available in November at fine salons and beauty supply stores.


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